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Lafley: “We continue to strengthen our portfolio by focusing on our biggest opportunities.” http://t.co/yponYDDvU4 $PG #earnings-1 hour 50 min ago
Lafley: $PG Q1 results "in line with expectations, despite a very difficult operating environment.” http://t.co/yponYDDvU4 #earnings-1 hour 54 min ago
Moeller: “@AlwaysDiscreet U.S. value share is over 7% after < 2 months in mkt.” http://t.co/yponYDDvU4 $PG #earnings http://t.co/JICDUjH9Mo-2 hours 9 min ago
Moeller: “@Tide value share was up 2 points for the quarter.” http://t.co/yponYDDvU4 $PG #earnings http://t.co/mBEy0RUtdV-2 hours 13 min ago
Moeller: "We're taking a strategic step forward to streamline, simplify and strengthen $PG." http://t.co/yponYDDvU4 http://t.co/Z606KwflhG-2 hours 19 min ago