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RT @ThankYouMom: #WhyINeed48HoursInADay I'm a mom. #EnoughSaid #ThankYouMom-1 day 23 hours ago
This wall art inside our headquarters displays some memorable P&G moments over the past years. #FlashbackFriday http://t.co/pnfxT6kOeJ-2 days 55 min ago
We continue to return cash to shareholders with last week’s dividend increase. http://t.co/87eOl85a4I $PG #earnings http://t.co/qEkaU3XtSx-3 days 5 hours ago
Expanded @Always Discreet to Germany, Switzerland, Austria – more Eur mkts soon. http://t.co/87eOl85a4I $PG #earnings http://t.co/KSFvQVc9Bs-3 days 5 hours ago
In <3mos since launch we’ve sold >1Million @GilletteVenus Swirl razors in the US http://t.co/87eOl85a4I $PG #earnings http://t.co/l0hWntHWv5-3 days 5 hours ago