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Happy #Halloween from our #bootiful family to yours… http://t.co/srGgNfpuuu-42 min 20 sec ago
This 1890 speech details co-founder James Gamble's journey to America from Ireland: http://t.co/2e4ZIIvXWD #PG177 http://t.co/8rfl3KLyfO-1 day 4 hours ago
Before he co-founded P&G, William Procter got a letter from his Dad that is still inspiring. http://t.co/JoHEp8hVXi http://t.co/xINcKtYPk0-1 day 23 hours ago
After his London shop burned in 1831, Wm. Procter got this heartfelt letter from his Dad: https://t.co/zImHnf8nLU http://t.co/NxIjsVbnlV-2 days 4 hours ago
This week is P&G's 177th anniversary! William Procter & James Gamble signed their first formal agreement on Oct 31. http://t.co/bXvR73sEeW-2 days 23 hours ago