2012 Sustainability Report: Making Progress Toward Long-Term Environmental Vision

Monday, November 12, 2012 9:13 am EST

Today, P&G is the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world. Our size presents us with the responsibility to operate sustainably, and it also offers the opportunity to create scalable and sustainable innovations that grow our business. In 2010 we announced our long-term environmental vision, and today we’re sharing progress toward this vision in our 14th annual Sustainability Report

“We’re celebrating P&G’s 175th anniversary this year, a milestone that very few companies have achieved,” said Bob McDonald, P&G Chairman of the Board, President and CEO. “From our Company’s founding by William Procter and James Gamble, we have invested in the communities where we sell our products, and we have embraced the responsibility of ethical and sustainable operations. To grow and thrive for another 175 years requires us to accelerate our sustainable innovation and resource efficiency so that we have less environmental impact and, at the same time, continue to invest in our communities to help create the conditions for future growth.”

The report published today includes our sustainability results from the past Fiscal Year, announcing absolute reductions in our energy, waste, water and CO2 manufacturing footprints over the past five years. These results demonstrate progress toward our long-term environmental vision, which includes:

“As our 2007–2012 goals come to term, we look forward to continuing progress toward the goals we set for 2020,” said Len Sauers, Global Vice President of Sustainability at P&G. “These goals are intended to put us on a path toward achieving our long-term environmental sustainability vision, but we cannot solve these challenges on our own. Addressing the issues we all face requires collaboration and collective responsibility. At P&G, we are committed to partnering with NGOs, governments, trade associations, academics, suppliers, and our retail partners to ensure we share expertise and focus on creating solutions. We believe that by working together, we can innovate to solve our sustainability challenges.”

To learn more about our progress towards our long-term vision, read our sustainability report online at


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