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P&G Ranks First Among Fortune Global 200 for Women Directors
Thursday, April 4, 2013 3:01 pm EDT

A recent report published by Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI), a Washington-based research group, ranked P&G number one among Fortune Global 200 companies based on our percentage of women board members.

According to the CWDI report, the overall percentage of women board directors in the Global Fortune 200 stands at 15%—and has increased only 1.2% over the past 2 years. P&G’s Board of Directors is 45.6% women (5 out of 11).

"Heterogenous business organizations will always outperform homogenous organizations, which is one reason why we believe diversity is critical to business success," said our Chairman of the Board and CEO Bob McDonald. "Our Board of Directors is one of if not the strongest boards in the world, and its diverse composition mirrors the diversity you find across P&G. We remain passionately committed to diversity in the workplace."

P&G’s five women board members include Angela Braly, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Meg Whitman, Maggie Wilderotter, and Pat Woertz.


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