SK-II’s STEMPOWER: Moving the Prestige Business Forward While Taking Consumers Back In Time

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 11:00 am EDT

Thumb through your old family photos and find one of yourself from 10 years ago. Take a look at your skin… Do you remember how it looked and felt back then? 

Thanks to a recent innovation from SK-II called STEMPOWER – known as Essential Power in some markets around the world – consumers won’t have to rely on old photos to reclaim that look and feel.

That’s because this breakthrough innovation, which launched in September 2012, is formulated with a unique plant-derived ingredient called Stem-Acanax that not only gives the product its name but also penetrates deep to improve skin’s appearance from within. Stem-Acanax comes from the root of Siberian Ginseng, which is harvested from an organic farm in the heart of Korea’s Jeju Island.

What that means for consumers around the globe is a product that makes pore appearance less visible in one day. Moreover, in just 10 days' usage, consumers can expect to feel skin firmness as if 10 years ago... so no need to reminisce over those old photos. Simply look in the mirror.

“It really builds on the insight of the consumer believing that skin aging is accelerating, and she's starting to fall behind,” said Joanne Crewes, President Global Prestige. “And so with a superior proposition, what we've got is a superior claim of about 10 days' usage, you can get firmness of 10 years ago. That, backed by solid scientific credentialing and great teamwork, has really enabled us to deliver a great result.” 

The product was a big driver of SK-II business in OND ’12 quarter. And, the product’s performance has resulted in a lot of praise. Since October 2012, the product has collected more than 45 industry awards for its anti-ageing benefits, even being recognized as the #1 anti-ageing product in Japan, said Colin D’Silva, Associate Director, Communications, Global SK-II and Asia Prestige.

Innovation Especially Important To Prestige

The product is an example of innovation that spanned research, technology, launch strategy and communications, D’Silva said.

Research led to the development of the new ingredient, Stem Acanax Complex, and helped drive the first-ever teaser campaign for SK-II based on scientific superiority, with communication about the 10,000 hours of research that went into the product. A strong showing at the East Asian Dermatological Congress in Beijing, where more than 1000 dermatologists and experts sampled the products, also helped generate buzz.

While innovation is key to many aspects of our business, Crewes talked about the special role innovation plays in pleasing the Prestige consumer. 

“The Prestige skin care consumer is incredibly demanding, and she is really looking for the secret elixir of youth,” she said. “We have to provide superior performance, and also superior counseling services, so innovation is critical to us.”

STEMPOWER is just one of about 60 initiatives the Prestige business has launched during the past year.  

“We've focused more on fewer bigger initiatives, and we're able to roll these out with our affiliates in our distributor businesses to more than 180 countries within a few months,” Crewes said.



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