P&G Achieves Zero Manufacturing Waste At Key Sites Worldwide

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013 8:13 am EDT

Making Zero Waste a Reality

Today we announced a major milestone in our Company’s long-term environmental vision. By changing the way we see waste as a Company — from something thrown away to something with value — we have achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill at 45 P&G sites worldwide. At these sites, all of our manufacturing waste is recycled, repurposed or converted into energy. (The photo at right shows employees at P&G's zero manufacturing waste to landfill site in Missouri.) 

But we aren’t stopping there. Our vision is to achieve zero manufacturing waste to landfill at all of our sites, worldwide.  

Bob McDonald, P&G President, CEO and Chairman of the Board said, “We have a vision for the future, where plants are powered by renewable energy, products are made from recycled and renewable materials and resources are conserved, with no manufacturing or consumer waste going to landfill. Changing the way we see waste as a Company has brought us one step closer to this goal at 45 sites worldwide, where all of our waste is recycled, repurposed or converted into energy.”

When Does Waste Have Worth?

Right now, less than 1% of raw materials entering our plants leave as waste. We’re committed to driving that number even lower, which requires an innovative team and strong partnerships around the world. We are determined to find value in waste and we’re finding innovative ways to prove it.

For example, what was once waste from our Charmin bath tissue plant in Mexico is now turned into low-cost roof tiles used to build homes in the local community. Now, scraps from manufacturing diapers and wipes at a U.S. Pampers site are converted into upholstery filling. And in the U.K., waste created in the production of Gillette shaving foam is composted then turned into turf for commercial use. We’re looking for value in everything, every day because we know that partnering to find value in what could have been waste is good for our business, and the environment.

This short video shows just some of the surprising and innovative ways we’re finding value in our manufacturing waste. 

Everyday Actions Toward a Long-Term Vision

Over the past five years, the everyday actions of P&G people have enabled us to reduce our absolute waste by 68%. Yet, our Vision is much broader than waste – and so are our results. This year, we announced absolute reductions in our energy, waste, water and CO2 manufacturing footprints. This means we grew our business while reducing the impact we have on the environment. We’re committed to reducing these footprints even further, and continuing our journey.

You're invited to learn more about P&G's zero manufacturing waste work in a Live Chat hosted by Jo Confino of The Guardian at 11 a.m. EDT on Monday, April 22. Click here to register.


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