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Always® Introduces Always My Fit, a New Advanced Sizing System to Help Prevent Pad Leaks

60 Percent of Girls & Women Wear the Wrong Size Pad; New Always ® My Fit Features Customized Coverage to Avoid Leaks

Monday, June 19, 2017 9:00 am EDT



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"As a brand whose mission it is to create superior feminine care protection, we were absolutely stunned to learn that 80 percent of women experience leaks during their period – that’s a lot of women whose period protection isn’t working for them"

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Procter & Gamble’s Always ® brand, the maker of the leading, most chosen and innovative pad in the world, today introduced a new, breakthrough sizing system called Always My Fit. The new Always My Fit range of pads is designed to help the 60 percent of girls and women who are wearing the wrong size pad, which causes leaks every month1. Now, 100 percent of them can change that with better protection from Always My Fit. Consumers can now find customized coverage, that’s based on their flow and panty size, because the better a pad fits, the better it protects.

By looking at the new Always My Fit sizing chart on the top of the Always pack or on the Always website, girls and women can now find their best fit to help prevent leaks. The Always My Fit chart features a simple sizing grid, with panty size on one axis and flow on the other axis. The chart guides girls and women to find their color-coded Always pad size, which are numerically sized 1 through 5, to easily find the best coverage for both day and night protection.

“As a brand whose mission it is to create superior feminine care protection, we were absolutely stunned to learn that 80 percent of women experience leaks during their period – that’s a lot of women whose period protection isn’t working for them,” said Amanda Hill, Brand Director North America Feminine Care. “We knew it was our job to figure out how to fix this problem. What we discovered is that before today, women have been instructed to only look at flow to determine which pad to select. But all women are different sizes, so there shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to period protection. Always My Fit was designed to ensure the best front-to-back coverage to avoid the all-too-common occurrence of leaks.”

Four out of five women experience leaks when they’re on their period,2 and pad size is a major factor. While more than 80 percent of young women say they no longer wear the same dress size from when they first got their period, half of young women still use the same size pad.3 Unfortunately, when it comes to leaks, many young women blame themselves before their protection, with 32 percent saying they did not use their period protection properly, 28 percent saying they did not change it often enough and 22 percent saying they were too active. Daytime leaks aren’t the only concern. In fact, one in two women even worry about leaking while they sleep during their period, so much so that they would rather suffer the embarrassment of farting or drooling in front of their partner rather than staining their sheets.4

Always My Fit is also partnering with YouTube superstar, Liza Koshy to educate girls and women across the country on the new sizing system through a YouTube video. Liza Koshy’s Always My Fit YouTube video can be viewed here:

Because of daytime and nighttime leaks, almost all women (77 percent) admit to having a certain underwear that they wear specifically when they have their period, and nearly two in three women have needed to buy new underwear because of period leaks.3 The good news is that today, leak-free is possible when women use the right pad size with Always My Fit. Always scientists have spent years researching the most common reasons for pad leaks, and wearing the wrong size pad is one of the leading causes.5 Research shows that leaks happen the most in the front and the back,1 so finding the right size front-to-back coverage is a way to avoid leaks.6 Always My Fit was developed to help girls and women find their right fit to help avoid leaks during the day and at night for good. And the best news yet is that three in four young women say that avoiding or experiencing fewer period leaks would make them feel more confident.3

The Always brand has led innovations in the feminine care space for more than 30 years, from introducing pads with wings to the development of FlexFoam™, a groundbreaking technology that makes Always Infinity® the most innovative pad on the market. The new Always My Fit system is the latest advancement in the feminine care category to ensure girls and women experience the best comfort and the superior protection they’ve come to expect from Always.

Always My Fit is available at retailers nationwide.

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