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Canadians Confess They Would Rather Freeze Than Smell Their Own Hockey Gear

Recent survey by Febreze sheds light on Canadians’ stinkiest habits

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 6:00 am EST



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"Both my sons, Connor and Cameron lived at the rink and if we didn’t spray the equipment with Febreze after every game, there would have been some serious odour havoc in our home."

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(NYSE:PG): Bathroom, laundry room and garbage stinks are considered among some of the worst for Canadians. No matter how foul their smells however, there is no stink we consider greater than that of the beloved hockey bag. The truth is, no matter how much we Canucks love our hockey, we absolutely do not love the stink that goes along with it.

The Canada-wide air care survey measured major scent pain points for the population and uncovered this national truth about our country’s favourite pastime. While the hockey bag smells bad, among hockey households, nearly three quarters of Canadians (71%) consider it a part of hockey culture. That said, they go to great lengths to avoid the dreaded scent including throwing out equipment because it smelled so bad (54%), or driving home with the windows open to air out a hockey bag (56%).

“It’s not really surprising to hear that most people feel as though they’ve tried everything they can to get rid of the smell. I’ve been there,” explains Kelly McDavid, mother of All-Star NHL player, Connor McDavid. “Both my sons, Connor and Cameron lived at the rink and if we didn’t spray the equipment with Febreze after every game, there would have been some serious odour havoc in our home.”

While other air fresheners simply mask odours, Febreze with OdorClear™ technology cleans them away by deactivating the scent molecules and replacing them with a light, fresh scent. In fact, three-quarters of hockey households (76%), already use Febreze to spray their hockey equipment.

A proprietary formula from Febreze, OdorClear™ is made up of hard-working odour-eliminating ingredients, plus long lasting scents. Compounds like odour trappers, odour converters, odour neutralizers and odour magnets make up the essential formula for the product and together, produce a freshness that can’t be stopped. Some of the odour removal technology works instantly to eliminate odour and leave a fresh scent, while other technology activates over time and continues to work even after it is finished being sprayed.

Odour Woes Extend Indoors During Winter Months
Aside from hockey, winter is prime-time for other unsavoury smells. The survey showed that during the winter months, half of Canadians (51%) spend 75 per cent of their time, or a total of 18+ hours per day indoors. From bathroom odour and garbage stink, to lingering pet and cooking smells, time indoors during the winter months is wreaking havoc on our air quality.

How the Stink Stacks Up Across Canada

  • In Western provinces, 42 per cent cite the stinking up the bathroom as the stinkiest habit, four per cent above the national average, as well as not taking out the garbage (40% vs. 31% National Average). Western Canadians also lead the study in being most likely to complain about rotting food left in the fridge (22% vs. 16% National Average).
  • Quebecers are also more likely to be concerned with stinky habits such as not cleaning out the kitty litter or pet cage (26% vs. 20% National Average) and persistent cooking odour (26% vs. 17% National Average), with a habit of ‘not flushing’ also being above the national average (16% vs. 13% National Average).
  • In Atlantic Canada, among hockey households, a whopping 95 per cent are searching for reprieve from the smell of the hockey bag. This region leads the national average in odour removal methods including airing out equipment (93% vs. 87% National Average), washing equipment regularly (84% vs. 79% National Average) and spraying Febreze (86% vs. 76% National Average).

Febreze with OdorClear™ Technology for is available now across Canada where your favourite home care products are sold and retails from $3.99-$5.99.

About the survey
The Air Care Study was conducted by Kantar TNS between December 8 and 12, 2016. For the study, a national sample of Canadians 18 years of age and older was randomly selected from Kantar TNS’ internet research panel and invited to complete an online survey. In total, 1151 adults completed the questionnaire and the survey data were weighted to reflect the demographic distribution of Canadian consumers.

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