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New technologies provide P&G with unique opportunities to engage consumers, stakeholders and employees through the use of a wide variety of social media. Our Global Social Media policy outlines principles for its responsible use by employees and partners, ensuring we protect consumers, stakeholders and P&G.

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RT : Shout out to for making my job anything but boring ! #pgemp #happygirl day 16 hours ago
RT : Best motivational advices from Paqui and Mireia #ThankYouMom #graciasmama #PGemp day 16 hours ago
RT : Awesome event for the kids! #pgemp day 16 hours ago
#TBT The first laundry detergent rolled out in late 1946. days 12 hours ago
This week #ThankYouMom made its way to Russia to celebrate Mother's Day at the near St. Petersburg. days 23 hours ago

The first Tide laundry detergent rolled out in late 1946. Tide was an instant market success. "The Washday Miracle" advertising campaign was filled with claims of Tide's superiority.
about 1 day 19 hours ago
#ThankYouMom made its way to Russia. In honor of Mother’s Day P&G visited the SOS Children's Village near St. Petersburg. The community of mothers and children were given flowers, gifts and even a new Minivan!
about 1 day 23 hours ago
MSLGROUP colleagues with our P&G client at the #ICCOGLOBALAWARDS in London. We congratulate Always #LikeAGirl Emojis for winning World's Best PR Campaign for CSR & Digital/New Media. #client
about 2 days 14 hours ago
What is Mr. Clean's first name? #trivia #mrclean And the answer is...'Veritably' He spent the first few years of his existence without one, but in 1962 P&G , the company that makes Mr. Clean products, held a contest to name him and he was give the name Veritably.
Who Is Mr Clean®? | Mr Clean
about 2 days 15 hours ago
P&G and #ThankYouMom are honored to be nominated for #TheYouTubeAd of 2016! Vote now! g​o​o​.​g​l​/​V​P​b​H​9​T
about 2 days 15 hours ago