Here's a Summary of What You'll Find In the P&G 2014 Sustainability Report

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 8:03 am EST

At P&G, we believe that when sustainability goals and progress are led from within operating business units—and when business leaders see sustainability as a choice for growth and profitability—investment and breakthrough innovation will follow.

We also know that when we set a goal, P&G employees will work their hardest to not just meet it, but to exceed it.

This year's 16th Annual Sustainability Report highlights how we reached our waste reduction goal six years early, and our pulp certification goal a year early. How we’re working to reduce CO2, water usage and packaging. And how 70 facilities are delivering zero manufacturing waste to landfill. This video shows how it's done.

Through our social programs, we’ve been able to deliver our 7 billionth liter of clean drinking water through the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program and—with the help of our Brands—provide disaster relief to millions of people around the world.

Looking ahead, we’ve raised the bar, adding four new goals for water conservation and packaging. Len Sauers, Vice President – Global Sustainability, shares details on page 4 of the Executive Summary Report.

We preserve. We partner. We pioneer.

"We have stretching goals before us for 2020,” says Martin Riant, Executive Sponsor – Global Sustainability and Group President – Global Baby, Feminine & Family Care. "Toward that end, we are introducing a three-pillar approach to our sustainability efforts—aiming to ensure clarity, consistency and engagement across the Company."

We Preserve. We will look to design products and operations with less water, energy and material waste to preserve resources. Our brands will focus on preserving the health and comfort of those most in need.

We Partner. Through partnerships with experts in industry, government, NGOs and academic communities, we can conquer challenges that are complex and require collaboration to develop effective and lasting solutions. Our brands will help communicate with consumers to help them make more educated choices on how they use our products.

We Pioneer. Using our innovation capability, we will create products that not only work well every day, but also preserve natural resources throughout their life cycle. We will find new and more effective ways to embed sustainability improvements into our business practices, systems and culture.

Through our efforts, we can meet consumers' everyday needs, make a positive environmental and social impact, and ensure that what is good for sustainability is also good for business.

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