World Water Day 2015: 10 years of Stirring Up Change and Transforming Lives with Clean Water

Friday, March 20, 2015 4:57 pm EDT

March 22 is a special day for the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program.

We celebrate World Water Day and the transformative impact that clean water has on children, their families and entire communities. We also take a moment to thank our partners, along with the individuals and organizations around the world, who are working to provide and protect this essential and life-changing resource.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been inspired by the stories of people we have met in our collaborative efforts with global partners to help provide clean water with P&G packets in more than 75 countries.

When people have access to clean water, it changes lives. Clean water keeps children healthy so they can go to school. It keeps adults healthy so they can work, and earn income to support their families. It helps entire communities move out of poverty.

So as part of CSDW’s 10th anniversary, and World Water Day, we’ve made a new CSDW video that shares the story of how this innovation has changed lives:

In the new video, you’ll get to meet Boniface, an energetic 13-year-old boy who is a leader in his school and in his community.

This is another truth around the world: children are agents of change. Boniface and his sister attend Gobei Primary School located in Bondo, a rural region near Kenya’s Lake Victoria. Their school participates in a CSDW project with CARE International, one of our longest-standing CSDW partners.

Boniface was elected chairperson of Gobei Primary School's health club, which educates students on using the P&G Purifier of Water packets, proper hand washing and the importance of sanitation and general hygiene. Boniface and his classmates take what they learn at school home to their families.

During a visit to his school, he proudly said,

"When the P&G Purifier of Water was not there, we had a huge number of absenteeism. But nowadays, we don’t miss our studies because we treat the water. We drink it, now we don’t miss our subjects."

The students have had a great impact on the whole community. Even Boniface’s beloved family dog benefits from clean drinking water. Together, Boniface and his classmates are helping transform lives.

On World Water Day—and as we look to the next 10 years of CSDW—we know that there is much more to do to ensure everyone has access to clean water. But we’re encouraged by the progress we’re making with the help of our many partners.

Through innovation and partnerships, P&G will continue to play a small part in transforming lives every day with clean drinking water.

Happy #WorldWaterDay!


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