McDonald Shares Leadership Development Secrets

P&G Receives Award for Ranking #1 on Chief Executive Magazine’s Best Companies For Leaders
Monday, May 13, 2013 10:13 am EDT

Calling it a “key business strategy,” Chairman, President and CEO Bob McDonald recently shared his unique perspective on P&G’s Leadership Development Strategy, including the importance of leadership, what makes P&G a best company for developing leaders and details on our model for developing talent. 

Bob shared the insights at an event on Thursday, May 9, after accepting an award on behalf of the Company from Chief Executive Magazine and Chally Worldwide recognizing P&G as the best overall company for leadership development in its list of the “40 Best Companies for Leaders.”

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This is the second year in a row and the third time we’ve received this award in the eight years the ranking has existed. The award ceremony follows the “40 Best Companies for Leaders” rankings, which were published in January of this year.

Chief Executive’sleadership development ranking is based on a study of 1,000 firms worldwide conducted in partnership with Chally Group Worldwide, a sales and management productivity firm. Chief Executivelooks at a variety of criteria when choosing a best company: the existence of a formal development program, the amount of time a CEO is involved, the percentage of leaders recruited internally, the strength of its recruiting program and the caliber of talent, and the long-term growth of market capitalization.

Howard Stevens of Chally talked about the rigorous criteria used for choosing the top companies for leadership.

“For a perspective, consider that the likelihood of any one company being named the Best Company for Leaders two years in a row, by our actuarial standards, is better than 10,000 to one,” he said. “The bottom line, however, is, there hasn’t been a company ranked number one for two years in a row in over a decade…and the standards back then were likely less rigorous.”

As McDonald shared in his acceptance speech, we are humbled by this recognition, which showcases the unique nature of our leadership development model that results in a breadth, depth and diversity of talent that we are proud to have at P&G.



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