Bob McDonald Named Chair of US-China Business Council

Goal is To Build, Strengthen Bonds Between China, United States
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 3:45 pm EDT

Today, P&G Chairman, President and Chief Executive officer Bob McDonald assumed the Chairmanship of the US-China Business Council board (USCBC). This is a private nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of approximately 240 American companies that do business in China. Founded in 1973, its mission is to expand the US-China commercial relationship to the benefit of its members and - more broadly - the U.S. economy. It favors constructive engagement with China to eliminate trade and investment barriers and develop a commercial environment that is predictable and transparent to all parties.   

McDonald has been a member of the USCBC Board since 2007 and with good reason. As P&G’s second largest market globally, P&G China - along with operations in other parts of the world - supports 20 percent of the Company’s U.S. jobs. The commercial relationship with China has, and will continue to, present great opportunities to P&G and other American companies.

In his new role as Chair, McDonald will serve as the voice of the organization to external stakeholders and play a leadership role in discussions with Chinese and U.S. government officials. He was formally introduced at a reception hosted by USCBC and attended by approximately 250 people, including officials from the Obama Administration, Capitol Hill and the Chinese Embassy, as well as association heads, members of think tanks and opinion leaders involved in China issues. 

During his acceptance speech, McDonald remarked, “I am very honored to take on the role of chair of the US-China Business Council. The Council is fortunate to have a strong and diverse Board of Directors and the engagement of a large number of American companies involved with China. We all share a common vision to build and strengthen the bonds between China and the United States - two great nations with the two largest economies on earth that are mutually and positively interdependent.”

He also reflected on the progress made and the work ahead. “China has risen to the world’s second largest economy and America’s third largest market and continues to grow. American businesses and American workers continue to benefit from expanding opportunities to trade with and invest in China. China is the one export market for U.S. products over the past decade that has consistently delivered 15 percent annual growth. The past 40 years have been marked by a remarkably stable, collaborative and dynamic relationship between two great nations.   

"Chief among (the challenges ahead) is to ensure that the next 40 years deliver the same track record of relative success. The stakes are high and the outcome has enormous implications for the global economy. We need the next 40 years to be marked by our two nations working more closely together to tackle global problems and develop deeper economic bonds.”

McDonald closed with these thoughts: “There is real opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of the Chinese people and, in turn, in the lives of the people of the United States. It is our responsibility, as members of this Council, to stand together and remind the governments and citizens of these two great nations just how important our future is together. “

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From left, John Frisbie, President US-China Business Council, Bob McDonald, and Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank. (Photo courtesy of


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