Brainstorm Green: McDonald Shares Sustainable Innovations, Challenges

We want to make sure 'every one of our jobs is a green job'
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 10:51 am EDT

Earlier this week, P&G CEO Bob McDonald appeared at Fortune Brainstorm Green to share some of P&G’s most recent sustainable innovations as well as discuss some of the Company’s most exciting challenges as it looks toward the future.

Each year, Fortune gathers “the smartest people they know in sustainability to debate and work collaboratively on some of the globe’s most pressing problems.” The conference aims to be forward-thinking, with an emphasis on who can effect what, and how powerful that effect can be on the global economy. This year, the conference featured conversations with celebrity and environmental influencer Harrison Ford, as well as a variety of the world’s most influential CEO’s including Dan Akerson of GM, John Donahoe of Ebay and our own Bob McDonald.

McDonald’s discussion mirrored the focus of this year’s Brainstorm Green, emphasizing the role that business can play, profitably, in achieving sustainable solutions for the globe. As we look toward the future, McDonald noted, we’ll need to make sure that “every one of our jobs is a green job.”

Each day, about 4.6 billion people use Procter & Gamble products, and it’s imperative, the CEO notes, that each of these people understand the importance of sustainability. If we all understand the impact we can make every day, the real, meaningful achievements can be made. For example, Bob notes in his town hall discussion at the conference, “if we could get everyone to wash in cold water, we could reduce the US energy consumption by about 4%.”

Read a full transcript of McDonald's remarks here.

In the coming weeks, Fortune will feature a full replay of McDonald's discussion among the 10 most influential talks at this year’s Brainstorm Green. Continue to follow @proctergamble for updates on P&G’s sustainability progress and visit our website at for more information. 

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