P&G: New Goals for C+D to Accelerate Our Innovation

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 9:37 pm EDT

P&G has set two new goals for our open innovation program with the aim of taking Connect+Develop to the next level of strategic value creation. In short, we are looking to drive greater value from our external partnerships.

This will drive a sharper culture change for us. And we think, create even greater opportunity for our partners.

The goals call for:


  • C+D to triple its contribution to P&G's innovation development by delivering $3 billion toward the Company's annual sales growth.
  • P&G to become the Partner of Choice for innovation collaboration by consistently delivering win-win relationships.


For potential partners, that means we will aggressively seek game-changing ideas to build the business that will deliver greater value and scale opportunity to touch more consumers.

Internally, that means we are going to focus even more sharply on ensuring that we include C+D in our largest initiatives, bringing the best minds to work against the biggest projects to deliver the biggest game-changing wins for consumers.

The second part of the goal is good news, too, as it clearly states that only win-win partnerships are on our radar. We've been committed to this from the very start of C+D in 2001. But now it's an established goal that we want to be THE partner that innovators come to. And they'll only continue coming to us if they are confident that they'll get a fair shake and good value.

C+D already has delivered strategic value all across the Company, and a series of game-changing consumer innovations. That was in the first 10 years of the program. Let's see what we can do now …

For more information please see our Innovation Factsheet on C+D.