Bounty Takes Over a Diner for a Day to Mark its 50th Anniversary

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 3:02 pm EDT


To mark its 50th anniversary yesterday, P&G's Bounty brand transformed Joe's Diner, a local Cincinnati restaurant, to the Bounty Diner for a day.

The diner's décor hearkens back to the fictitious Rosie’s Diner commercial set from the 1960s and 70s. 

Guests were served nostalgic diner foods such as grilled cheese, pie and milkshakes, and enjoyed music and videos showcasing the brand’s earliest years. 

In addition to a fun atmosphere, the diner setting provided the perfect opportunity to see Bounty’s strength and absorbency in action.

P&G Archivist Andrew Manning was there to tell the story of the birth of Bounty, and Bounty's historic innovations over the past 5 decades. Gregg Weaver from Bounty's R&D team led demonstrations showing the benefits of Bounty’s range of products, including the new Bounty with Dawn.

About 600 people stopped by the event to enjoy a meal and learn more about Bounty’s rich history of innovation.

Here's a video Bounty posted that celebrates its 5 decades as a mainstay in American homes.

For the past 50 years, Bounty has been soaking up spills and helping pick up every day messes in American homes. By listening to people's needs and consistently innovating to improve strength and absorbency, Bounty brings you the best possible paper towel. From our first paper towel product in 1965 to the recently launched Bounty with Dawn, Bounty has continually revolutionized our product so you can pick up messes quickly and completely.



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