Encouraging Women to Aim High

Malika Smoot and Her Fellow CIBI Apprentices Reflect on Their Summer at P&G
Friday, August 16, 2013 3:44 pm EDT

P&G created the Careers In Business Initiative (CIBI) program in 1998 with one objective: to interest diverse Cincinnati high school females in business and P&G.

Each CIBI program participant completes an 8-week summer apprenticeship. If we do well, we're asked to come back the next summer, and then a third summer. Our apprenticeship paves the way for us to return as an intern during our college years, and eventually have the opportunity to be a full-time P&G employee after college!

The CIBI program is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on experience in the corporate world. Each of us gets business and technical training, and the opportunity to do rewarding work that makes a difference in the Company, and matches up with our unique skills.

But I'm not the only fan of the CIBI program. At one of our regular gatherings during the last week of this summer's program, I asked my fellow Apprentices for their thoughts about CIBI. Here's what they had to say:

"CIBI has helped expose me to a world of corporate and communication skills I don't think I would have found anywhere but P&G."
–Ria Shah, 1st year Apprentice

"This program has taught me a lot about myself and my own set of values: believe in myself to discover new things, remain curious, and remember that life is good."
–Lauren Oxendine, 2nd year Apprentice

"As a double minority—being female and of color—as well as a first generation college student, this program has been a great, eye-opening experience that I could not have obtained from anywhere else."
–Cidnei Lewis, 3rd year Apprentice

"The CIBI program has helped me gain the confidence to be able to lead in a way I never thought I could lead before. The program prepares apprentices to deliver positive results, and allows us to connect and network with those who will help our futures. Also, it is a great place to meet friends who will help guide you as well."
–Ashley Brewster, 1st year Apprentice

"The program is a wonderful opportunity that has helped me acquire new skills, meet new people, and make wonderful memories." –Costina Luc, 1st year Apprentice

As CIBI Apprentices, we have the unique opportunity to work for a multi-billion dollar company early our career, in a program where we can grow, gain valuable experience and discover what's possible. It not only encourages us to dream bigger; it sparks our ambitions to be successful leaders in whatever career we choose.



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