Henretta Shares Strategy For Keeping Beauty Brands Relevant Around The World

Beauty Care Leader ‘Leaping Into the Future To Find Out What Comes Next’
Friday, February 8, 2013 11:37 am EST

P&G Beauty Care Group President Deb Henretta is featured as the cover story in the influential Women’s Wear Daily’s (WWD) Beauty Inc. leadership issue published today. The upbeat feature describes Deb as the right person to lead P&G’s Beauty Care business back to strong growth and shares her unique take on the industry.

In a wide-ranging interview, Deb conveyed her philosophy of leadership and future-forward management style:  

“I like to keep one foot in the past to make sure you’re rooted in the brand’s equity and heritage, but I like to keep the other foot leaping forward into the future to find what comes next… the most important thing to do is decisively lead change,” she said. “We live in a dynamic, unpredictable world. Change is happening fast, and those who are in touch with the market, adaptable and fast, will succeed."

Deb stressed the size of the Beauty market and the opportunity for P&G and the industry overall: “The market is so big - there’s room for lots of people to play. Where we can help is with the global footprint… creating brands that are relevant and meaningful around the world.”

Deb described her approach to innovation as being beyond just the product: “We need to broaden our definition of innovation because it isn’t just the juice in the jar. It’s… great design, plus great aesthetics, plus great marketing.”

Looking to the future again, Deb talked about the importance of Digital and developing new business models: “Getting into eCommerce is going to be huge and important. The new spaces for me are all about new business models, that will be more digitally based; making sure they have important social media components, but also getting into new benefit areas, new adjacencies for the product.”

In conclusion Deb commented: “I am focused on building an I.D.E.A.-based culture focused on being Innovative, Decisive, Externally focused and Agile.”

In the article, Pete Born, editor-in-chief of WWD, describes Deb as a leader who “thrives on speed and decisiveness,” a “quick study” who will “reenergize the once mighty machine.”

Read the full story at the link below (reprinted with permission from Women's Wear Daily), or visit the Women's Wear Daily Web Site.


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