Hundreds of P&G Employees Participate in the Geneva Marathon to Benefit UNICEF

Friday, May 8, 2015 3:33 pm EDT

Last week, nearly 500 P&Gers laced up their shoes and took their places at the starting lines of one of the seven races held during the 11th Annual Geneva Marathon weekend. It was the highest turnout of P&Gers since our partnership with the Geneva Marathon for UNICEF began in 2013. Here are just a few of them.

P&G Geneva Marathon runners

P&G Geneva Marathon runners

“This extraordinary event gives P&G the opportunity to express our commitment to Geneva and allows us to give back to our local community. We are extremely proud to be associated with UNICEF and the Clair Blois Foundation for this event.” 

—P&G Europe President Gary Coombe

In addition to its positive impact on the local community, our partnership with the Geneva Marathon reflects our ongoing efforts to encourage P&Gers to pursue health and well-being.

As in previous years, this year started with a small group of passionate P&G runners who worked very hard to inspire others to get involved. The Geneva Marathon Committee also set up on-site booths to make it easier for our people to register. And the wide range of races—from 5k to 42k—gave less-experienced athletes a chance to participate.

But the story doesn’t end there. For the 9th consecutive year, about forty P&G employees participated in the Clair Bois Foundation race. In this race, runners help children with disabilities race to the finish with the help of an adaptive wheelchair called a joëllette (shown in the photo below).

Everyone was touched by the pure enjoyment and smiles of the children. One of the runners said,

"The emotion I felt running with these children was indescribable. You could see how much fun they were having, despite their disability. It really puts life into perspective, something we sometimes lose sight of.”

You can read a story and see more photos of P&G's involvement on the Geneva Marathon website.

About the Clair Bois Foundation and the Geneva Marathon

Founded in 1975 in Geneva, the Clair Bois Foundation's mission is to provide care for children, teenagers and adults with multiple disabilities. Every year at the Geneva Marathon, about forty P&G volunteers run with Clair Bois children so that they can experience this unique sporting event. Running with the children in a joëllette (special wheelchair) is demanding but very rewarding. Through this action, P&G wishes to bring visibility to the extraordinary work done by the volunteers of Clair-Bois charity throughout the year.

Patile Minassian
P&G Corporate Communications, Geneva


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