Inspiring… Impactful… Innovation Delivering the Everyday Effect

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 9:02 am EDT

The next phase of P&G’s multi-brand commercial innovation focuses on helping consumers try more P&G brands and innovations.

“We don’t live on rocket ships or in computer chips…we live in every moment of every day.”

That’s the message behind the newly released P&G video, Innovating for the Everyday, created as part of our Everyday Effect campaign. While brushing teeth, changing a diaper or doing laundry may not seem like extraordinary acts, the culmination of these actions is significant, making life better for billions of people across the world. After all, meeting the challenges of everyday life is the focus of P&G product innovation and why families have relied on our products for 175 years.

In fact, more than 4.6 billion people use P&G products each year. That’s 4.6 billion opportunities to show how our brands and innovations can change the way people live. 

To help drive awareness of our portfolio of superior performing brands, P&G introduces the concept of the P&G Blue Box. Starting this month, these blue boxes will begin appearing online, in store and in key cities around the world. For example, in North America, more than 25 brands entered the streets of New York City today and invited people to learn how P&G innovations help improve everyday life. Follow #EverydayEffect on Twitter to see activities in New York and other cities around the world unfold.

We hope you will feel moved to share our Everyday Effect Innovating for the Everyday video through the social media platforms you use.

Then, be sure to check back to in early July as the next Blue Box evolution unfolds. We will be bringing you experiment videos that show how real people’s everyday lives are improved by the products they receive in a P&G Blue Box. You can preview the Swiffer experiment video here.

Here’s to making the everyday more extraordinary!


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