Coming Soon … Maybe: Gillette and Stark Industries Announce New Avengers-Inspired Technology

Stark Industries takes over Gillette’s R&D operation and uses its trusted technology to help men achieve an epic shave
Thursday, April 9, 2015 11:08 am EDT

In what may be the most perfect union of superpowers, Gillette and Stark Industries have joined together to deliver an epic shave using Avengers-inspired technology.  

The Gillette/Stark Industries collaboration has already taken the city of Boston by storm, as a joint Gillette/Stark Industries sign now adorns the top of Gillette’s global headquarters.

Photo credit: Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Gillette

Photo credit: Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Gillette

And Stark Industries is taking this mission very seriously. Its R&D team has spent the last week using its own famous technology to build four prototypes of razors that promise to set a new standard for all razors going forward.

This promo film introduces each of the prototypes, which have been modeled after members of the Avengers: Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor.

“Certainly, Stark Industries has access to technology much different than Gillette has developed over our 110 years in the grooming business,” said Stew Taub, Director of Shave Care R&D at Gillette (pictured, below). “We are excited to see what happens in testing as the Avengers-inspired technology is incorporated into the razors.”

Photo credit: Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Gillette



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