P&G External Business Partner Awards Bring More Candid Conversation, Stronger Relationships

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 11:34 am EST

This year, it was different.

Like previous years, P&G invited the winners of its distinguished External Business Partner of the Year Awards to Cincinnati for a day of celebration. And the seven 2014 winners from around the world were all honored at the evening’s dinner, where P&G CEO A.G. Lafley was the keynote speaker.

So what changed?

For one, this year’s event was more intimate. Instead of inviting all 50+ suppliers and agencies recognized as Excellence Award winners, only those who won a Partner of the Year award were invited.

Senior leaders from the recipient companies (see list below) came to Cincinnati for the event on January 8. The Excellence Award winners were still recognized, but at private events in their home country.

But what made this event transformative was what happened the afternoon before the elegant dinner celebration when P&G’s Chief Purchasing Officer, Stew Atkinson, presided over a rare occurrence: a moderated discussion between P&G’s senior leaders and the leaders of P&G’s honored suppliers.

CEO A.G. Lafley, Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller, Global Product Supply Officer Yannis Skoufalos, Chief Technology Officer Kathy Fish and Global Health & Grooming Group President David Taylor were among those in attendance.

The topic: How can P&G work better with respect to its business partners, innovation, and productivity?

The 90-minute discussion was candid, fascinating and diverse, with one resounding theme: Too often, P&G tells its business partners what it needs without enrolling them early in the problem-solving stage when bigger ideas, innovation opportunities, and commercialization chances could be realized.

P&G’s leaders listened intently. Mr. Lafley graciously thanked the partners, asking them to “stay with P&G” and work with P&G to better serve consumers.

He cited Baby Care and Fabric Care, naming partners represented in the room, as examples where P&G had enrolled external business partners upstream with tremendous benefits.

One thing remained clear: as P&G streamlines its portfolio and becomes more focused, its External Business Partners will continue to play a critical role in the Company’s growth and success.

The people and companies representing our External Business Partners of the Year were (pictured, left to right):

Front row: Frantisek Rezak (Pegas Nonwovens); Frantisek Klaska (Pegas Nonwovens); Christian Herrmanns (MonoSol, Kuraray WS Film Division); Mark Beishel (EY); Kristina Rogers (EY); Kevin Yang (Rising Display Products [Zhongshan] Co., Ltd.); Weixiong Li (Rising Display Products [Zhongshan] Co., Ltd.); Truhon Leong (Rising Display Products [Zhongshan] Co., Ltd.); Kole Yamada (Yamada Electric); Fred Campatelli (Yamada Electric)

Back row: Marian Rasik (Pegas Nonwovens); P. Scott Bening (MonoSol, Kuraray WS Film Division); Thomas Yogan (MonoSol, Kuraray WS Film Division); Andrew Weir (SUPERPAC, INC.); Lorenzo Sabatini (RONCHI MARIO S.p.A.); Lee Marchetti (SUPERPAC, INC.); Cesare Ronchi (RONCHI MARIO S.p.A.); Mike D’Antonio (SUPERPAC, INC.); Gianmario Ronchi (Ronchi Mario S.p.A.); Jeremy Vaughan (EY); Fabio Anze (Yamada Electric).


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