Brown Shares Keys To Keeping P&G's Innovation Edge Alive

Monday, April 16, 2012 10:25 am EDT

P&G’s Chief Technology Officer Bruce Brown recently sat down with Forbes and shared his thoughts on how P&G keeps our innovation edge alive. 

“The magic in a big company is how to create space for connections, so an idea person can bump into a technology person,” Brown told Forbes. “At P&G we create communities of cross-discipline practice so you connect and share. We have found that some of the best innovators at P&G are the best connectors.”

Beyond being “connectors,” Brown said P&G’ers work hard to stay in the consumer’s world and always remember that the consumer is boss.

Read the full Forbes article for more. 

Chief Technology Officer Bruce Brown is responsible for P&G's innovation program
and our $2 billion annual R&D investment.


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