Glycerin Goes High Tech

How a New Innovation Is Protecting an Old Ingredient
Thursday, October 3, 2013 5:03 pm EDT

P&G has a long heritage of glycerin production that dates back to 1858, when Star® glycerin was our very first branded product. 

Glycerin is a versatile ingredient that's been used for decades across many industries and applications, including food and personal care products.

Fast-forward to 2013. You may not know that we're still a major producer—and supplier—of pure, premium-quality glycerin to customers around the world.

But unlike 1858, we've started using the very latest mobile technology to track and authenticate glycerin shipments, in a world where glycerin counterfeiting and tampering present ongoing challenges.

"Offering a high-quality product is no longer enough," says Eugene Han, who leads market strategy and planning in P&G Chemicals. "Delivering it with security assurance is just as important."

In partnership with German security technology vendor TESA, P&G Chemicals recently developed a solution that allows recipients of our glycerin drums to verify the authenticity of the contents, as well as review detailed product and shipping information, by scanning a QR code affixed to each drum.

Quality assurance is a key point of difference for P&G glycerin, especially in Asia. Our customers rely on our oleochemicals to have the same purity and quality of those we use in 19 of our 25 billion dollar brands.

"We have the ability to touch and improve consumers’ lives as P&G Chemicals, even though we don't sell our product directly to consumers," Han continued. "With this new technology that provides full traceability of our shipments, we're able to protect P&G's strong reputation for high quality and trust."



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