Moving at the Speed of Life

Friday, March 5, 2010 11:00 am EST

In today's ever-changing world, operating in "real-time" is not a desire, but a requirement.

That is why P&G's Global Business Services (GBS) plays such a vital role in our organization. The 7000+ men and women of GBS provide more than 170 services and solutions which make our processes and operations simpler, flatter, faster and more agile.

For example:

-     GBS delivers Video Collaboration Studios, which allow our employees to connect face to face from any place in the world. This capability enables us to decrease travel costs, improve productivity, reduce our environmental footprint and still collaborate effectively.

-     GBS leads new virtualization efforts which improve costs and speed to market. These simulations allow us to see products without having to wait for physical mock-ups and then make instant changes based on consumer feedback. The technology is cutting-edge and has transformed the way we do business.

The efforts of this organization continue to be recognized globally. Just recently P&G's President of GBS and CIO, Filippo Passerini, received the CIO of the Year award for Excellence in IT Usage for his inspiring work integrating IT with the needs of the business and driving solutions not just services.

After receiving this honor, Filippo shared, "This award is particularly relevant as 'excellence in IT usage' is exactly what we want to drive for our Company. I am humbled to receive this recognition on behalf of all our IDS people and external partners who create - with great passion and commitment - business building capabilities for our business."

To learn more about where GBS fits in the corporate structure, check out the following link: