New Tide Pods: Pop in, Stand Out

Unit-dose detergent represents first major laundry innovation in decades
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:06 am EST


For more than 25 years – since the launch of Tide liquid – North American consumers have been doing their laundry pretty much the same way. 

Until now.

On February 22, P&G is transforming the laundry lives of consumers across North America with the launch of Tide Pods. The revolutionary, liquid unit dose detergent is the only three-chamber unit dose detergent of its kind on the market worldwide.

“Through the years, we have introduced new benefits, better cleaning and new scents, but there has been no fundamental shift in HOW we do laundry in years,” said Alex Keith, North American General Manager, Fabric Care. “We needed an invention that simplified the chore by handling the complexity of laundry.”

Enter Tide Pods, a convenient unit dose detergent that brightens, fights stains and cleans.

Listening to the Consumer

P&G’s Purpose-driven growth strategy is to touch and improve more consumers’ lives, in more parts of the world, more completely. The main way we deliver on that growth strategy is through innovation. And Tide Pods is the latest example of how P&G innovates for the way everyday life is lived.

To determine how we needed to innovate, we started by reaching out to consumers.

“We found that people are overwhelmed by the laundry process,” Keith said. “When they don’t get the results they expect, they blame themselves and disengage. About 20 percent of people even rewash loads.”

Drawing inspiration from innovation in areas including industrial design and technology, Tide Pods were designed to bring laundry in line with other practical innovations that have enhanced consumers’ daily lives. Tide aims to do the impossible – elevate laundry from a frustrating chore to a delightful and rewarding experience.

Tide Pods lighten the load by making laundry simpler and less time-consuming. They are designed to work in the most challenging laundry conditions. And, because Tide Pods contain three chambers, the compacted ingredients are separate so that they remain stable and potent until the moment they mix in the wash water, resulting in a serious cleaning power that consumers can only expect through multi chambers and only from Tide.

Initial feedback from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“About 97 percent of consumers tested agreed that Tide Pods provided excellent results with minimal time and effort, which is about 30% more than people before Tide Pods,” Keith said.

In the coming weeks, Tide will be promoting the new product with an ad campaign dubbed “Pop in. Stand out,” inviting consumers to simply “pop” the product into the washing machine and see the resulting “stand out” clean.

Sharing Our Innovation Story with the World

Beyond improving the laundry experience, Tide Pods illustrates the type of innovation that is P&G’s lifeblood.

“More than any other Company, we are able to innovate for the way everyday life is lived,” said Bruce Brown, Chief Technology Officer (shown in photo above). “We have never strayed from our pursuit to improve the lives of the world’s consumers.”

As further proof of our commitment to innovation, in conjunction with the Tide Pods launch, P&G “opened the doors” to our innovation centers for the first time ever to showcase the capabilities that enable us to deliver game-changing innovation. Media members and influential bloggers received an in-depth look at our end-to-end innovation capabilities through the story of Tide Pods at the company’s Beckett Ridge Innovation Center facility in Cincinnati earlier in February. (See photo at right.) 

The visitors experienced P&G’s innovation capabilities first-hand as they learned about P&G’s history of innovation, visiting a model consumer home, viewing virtual 3D models and more.

The story of Tide Pods provides us with an opportunity to share a behind-the-scenes look at our capabilities, which enable us to be a leader in innovation, now and for the next 175 years.


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