Oral B Helping Consumers Get Out Of Comfort Zone, ‘Plugged In’ To Oral Care With Launch Of Deep Sweep Power Brush

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 9:27 am EST


In a society where almost everyone is technologically advanced and looking for the next “must-have” gadget, one area where many of us are not “plugged in” is our oral care. In fact, 85 percent of consumers are still brushing with a manual versus a power toothbrush. The reason? It’s all about the familiar feel and back-and-forth motion that we learn as children that keeps us within our “comfort zone” of brushing.

Case in point: although an Oral-B power brush is proven to remove up to 100 percent more plaquethan a manual brush, our research has shown that many consumers who have tried power go back to their old brush. However, we knew they would be willing to fully convert to power if they were able to maintain the familiarity of their manual brush.

Using this consumer insight, we developed the Oral-B Professional™ Series Deep Sweep™ TRIACTION™, a superior product that will attract more people to make the switch from manual to power and, ultimately, improve the oral health of households nationwide. The first of its kind in the oral care industry, the Deep Sweep power brush has a familiar, manual-shaped brush head that is designed to complement a natural, back-and-forth brushing motion and is coupled with the cleaning performance of an Oral-B power brush.

The Deep Sweep features new TRIACTION technology that creates an innovative triple zone bristle motion that sweeps in between teeth, which is unlike any other power brush on the market. Inspired by the dentist-recommended Bass technique, its bristles sweep perpendicular to manual brushing motion while unique two-level tufting makes sweeping bristles longer to ensure they reach deeply between teeth. With 48,800 movements per minute, users are able to get the ultimate dentist-clean feeling from the comfort of their homes.

We enlisted the help of Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a world-renowned oral health expert who also appears regularly on “The Dr. Oz Show,” to help launch Deep Sweep and communicate the health benefits of using a power brush. “I recommend Oral-B power toothbrushes, including the new Deep Sweep, to my patients because they are superior to manual brushing in removing plaque and come with a variety of features to address every patient’s brushing style.”

Already shown to be a success in Europe, Deep Sweep is available in multiple models and is expected to recruit more power brush evangelists who will share their experience and encourage others to join the movement. The brush is now available at department, retail and specialty stores nationwide at suggested retail prices ranging from $64.99 to $159.99.

Most recently, Men’s Journal selected Deep Sweep as one of its “MJ Approved” Gears in an article titled, “A Better Brush.”

At P&G, we pride ourselves on creating innovative products that provide consumers with the best quality and value to improve their everyday lives. The Deep Sweep power brush is a leading example of how we continue to grow with the times, yet stay true to our core strengths by taking the needs of consumers and turning them into breakthrough products the world has never known before.


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