P&G's Global Business Services Organization Earns Praise

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 3:33 am EDT

P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS) team, which is responsible for leading efforts to digitize the company, is transforming the way business is done at P&G. GBS, which provides technology, processes and standard data tools to help the company operate simpler, flatter, faster and with more agility, has saved the company more than $900 million to date.

In recent weeks, the group received three prestigious awards that have shined a spotlight on the team’s work that is helping transform the company’s ability to touch and improve lives.

First, Group President and CIO Filippo Passerini was one of 10 executives to receive the 2011 CIO Breakaway Leader award. This prestigious global award carries an even greater honor this year, as it was the first time winners were chosen by an elite judging panel and their CIO peers. 

Throughout Filippo’s career and during his tenure as CIO, he has led transformative change, driving innovation and staying ahead of emerging technology trends. Under his leadership, GBS continues to drive business critical initiatives like the Going Digital program, with the goal of making P&G the most technology-enabled company in the world.

Second, GBS took home top honors at the InformationWeek 500 awards ceremony, finishing in the top 2 percent and winning the best business analytics innovation for its work on the Business Sphere, a visually immersive data environment that transforms decision-making at P&G by harnessing real-time business information from around the globe. To learn more about the power of the Business Sphere, check it out on P&G Innovations and the InformationWeek article.

Finally, InfoWorld and Forrester Research have selected GBS as a 2011 Enterprise Architecture (EA) Award winner. The company’s EA organization has created a unique capability that has become the foundation for its Going Digital program and will enable the company to standardize work processes and information, automate to eliminate non-value added touches and accelerate decision making via real-time information.


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