Winning with Consumers Through Innovation, Insights and Big Ideas

Monday, December 20, 2010 3:24 pm EST

Last week, several presentations were given by P&G senior leadership on a variety of topics at the Analyst Meeting in Cincinnati, OH. Below is an excerpt from the presentation on innovation. To view it in its entirety, visit the replay of the webcast at

The key to sustained growth is commercializing our strong innovation pipeline with big consumer and customer ideas. Brand building is a core strength with our top 50 Leadership brands delivering 90% or more of our sales and profits.

The strength of our brands is measured through proprietary and comprehensive Brand Equity study that is conducted annually. It measures consumer ratings versus competition on the brand’s benefits. But we also we also listen to consumers in “real time.” This “real time, always on” listening helps us understand consumer sentiment, respond as needed, and make ongoing adjustments to our brand building plans.

We are constantly strengthening brand equities through our strategy of Purpose-inspired, Benefit-driven Brand Building. This starts with each brand defining its brand purpose that defines why it uniquely exists to touch and improve lives through the brand’s core benefit. We know that people buy into a purpose, but they buy a benefit.

We spend time with consumers in their homes, schools and their everyday lives to discover deep insights that represent truths, motivations and tensions that must be solved by the benefits of our brands.

From these insights, we create big ideas that make it more relevant in people’s lives and build the entire brand. Big ideas so engaging they invite participation, and even movements through word of mouth advocacy in public relations, passing along YouTube videos, fans on Facebook, twitter messages, event participation, making a donation to charity and of course….purchase.

Here are a few examples to illustrate:

To view more of this presentation in its entirety, visit the replay of the webcast at