P&G Recognized for Excellence in Leadership Development

Chief Executive Magazine Ranks P&G first among Best Companies for Leaders
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 9:07 am EST

Chief Executive magazine has named P&G the best overall company for leadership development in its list of the “2014 Best Companies for Leaders.” This is the third year in a row we’ve received this award. 

In its January/February 2014 cover story, P&G is noted for placing a premium on developing people from within, judging senior managers on their ability to develop those who report to them, and a development program that includes formal and informal training.

P&G’s formal training, known as our proven leadership development model, can be summed up like this: We hire the best, brightest and most diverse talent from throughout the world, teach them through hands-on responsibility, and coach them to drive the model to new levels of success, while always operating by our deeply held Purpose, Values and Principles.

The P&G approach provides a breadth, depth and diversity of experience that is hard to match across any industry. For example, the average P&G President has nearly three decades of experience across multiple businesses, functions and regions. 

A.G. Lafley, in his recent book Playing to Win, discusses how he benefitted from informal “on the job” training:

“My years at P&G afforded me ample opportunity to learn about business strategy and practice business leadership and management by doing. There, with clear accountability for strategy, operations, and results, I learned from my mistakes, lived with my failures, and appreciated on a daily basis my colleagues’ contributions to whatever success we were able to achieve together.”

Today, A.G. mentors high achievers across all levels of the Company. 

We're humbled by this recognition, which showcases the unique nature of our leadership development model. It also reminds us that its success is a result of the efforts of a long line of P&G employees who have managed, coached or enabled their colleagues along the way.  

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About the Award
The ranking is based on a study of 1,000 firms worldwide conducted in partnership with Chally Group Worldwide, a sales and management productivity firm.Chief Executivelooks at a variety of criteria when choosing a best company: the existence of a formal development program, the amount of time a CEO is involved, the percentage of leaders recruited internally, the strength of its recruiting program and the caliber of talent, and the long-term growth of market capitalization.

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