This wrestling team got its winning spirit back, with a little help from Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Monday, March 23, 2015 10:57 am EDT

Zach Hale is one busy guy. Besides being a new Dad, he’s in his third year teaching Physical Education, History and Psychology at Newcastle High School in Newcastle, Oklahoma—a U.S. town of around 9,000 people.

His duties at Newcastle High extend well beyond the classroom. He’s also an Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Soccer Coach, and Head Coach of the Newcastle Wrestling team.

Coach Hale takes great pride in his wrestlers:

“The number one thing I teach my team is that we’re one big family. We’re out there beating up on each other. But at the end of the day, we’ve all got each other’s backs, no matter what. Throughout the year, we do fundraisers and help the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce organize parades and events. The community sees that we’re one big family.”

But like most small high school wrestling programs, Newcastle’s is somewhat overshadowed by football and soccer. Coach Hale doesn’t get the money to replace aging gym mats (which cost about $10,000) and other equipment nearly as often as he should.

So instead, he had been trying to find creative ways to keep the wrestling facility looking as fresh and new as possible for the kids. “I tried to do little things like hang stuff on the walls,” he said. “They were proud of the facility, but the wrestling mats were still ugly.”

So ugly, in fact, that visiting teams started calling Newcastle a mud wrestling team. “That really hurt their feelings,” Coach Hale said. “They were ashamed of what they had at that point.”

Package of Mr. Clean Magic EraserAfter about a year of struggling to find ways to make the wrestling mats look nice—spending hundreds of dollars on expensive deep-cleaning products that didn’t do the job—a parent suggested Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. So Coach Hale gave them a try.

“I handed half of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to each person on my team, and we went to work. They started saying, ‘Oh my gosh – it really IS magic!’ Some had no idea how dirty the mats were until they saw how clean they got with the Magic Eraser.”

Since that day, Coach Hale’s “one big family” of wrestlers has been holding their heads a little higher. They’re more conscientious about the cleanliness of their facility. They’re more confident as a team. But most of all, “They’re proud again, and that’s a big deal to me,” Coach Hale says. “And I didn’t do that. It came from one of your great products.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Coach! We’re glad Mr. Clean Magic Eraser could play a part in making your gym sparkle—and making your team proud again.

Now, go out there and WIN!



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