Our Sustainability Commitments at Walmart’s 2014 Sustainability Product Expo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 12:03 pm EDT

At Walmart’s 2014 Sustainability Product Expo, our CEO A.G. Lafley committed P&G’s support for two new sustainability initiatives Walmart is championing.

The first is our financial support for a closed loop recycling fund, which will be designed to increase recycling rates in the U.S. by providing low interest loans to municipalities to advance projects that increase collection and improve recycling infrastructure.

Capital for the fund will come from investors. A board consisting of investors, NGOs, representatives from the recycling industry, and Walmart, will govern the fund. P&G has agreed to provide financial support for the fund.

The solution requires innovation across the entire system, from manufacturer to supplier to consumer. It requires manufacturers to innovate with new technologies to incorporate recycled materials into brand packaging. 

For example, P&G has invented technology to use recyclable material on laundry bottles, and we’re committed to doing more.

It requires suppliers to innovate to convert waste into usable materials. It requires innovation at the local level to give consumers consistent and reliable ways to recycle their everyday products and packages.

At the Expo, A.G. Lafley (pictured below, second from right) said, “The 'Closed Loop Fund' is an innovative step toward providing a systemic solution. By enabling local municipalities to invest in ways to increase local recycling, it gives more consumers consistent and reliable ways to reduce waste by recycling more of their everyday products. That will, in turn, enable a larger supply of usable, recyclable content, which will enable manufactures to give consumers what they want—more packaging with recycled materials. This is good for consumers, and good for the environment."

The second sustainability initiative is a new round of liquid laundry compaction. Walmart has challenged laundry manufacturers to reduce 25% of the water content in every dose of detergent in North America by 2018.

As the world’s largest producer of laundry detergents, our actions can make a difference.

Twenty-five percent less water in every dose of P&G liquid laundry detergent means over 45 million gallons of water saved in the US. More concentrated formulas mean fewer plastic bottles, reducing waste and recycling costs. Fewer plastic bottles also mean fewer truck shipments, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

“P&G supports Walmart’s challenge to reduce water in liquid laundry detergents because it’s good for consumers, good for business—retailers and manufacturers alike—and it’s good for the environment,” said A.G. “With concentrated formulas, consumers will get the performance that they love and expect from our brands, and use less detergent. Smaller bottles mean more shelf space for retailers. The savings that we get from less energy, raw materials and transportation costs can be re-invested back into the business so that we can deliver more shareholder return. And, it’s all good for the environment.”

To learn more about the sustainability initiatives we committed to at Walmart’s 2014 Sustainability Product Expo, click here.


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