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Research Demonstrates Moisturizing Formula with Niacinamide is Key in Providing Rapid, Lasting Dry Skin Benefits over Conventional Moisturizers

March 15, 2012

Journal of Drugs in Dermatology Publishes Results of Two Studies Comparing Skin Benefits of Body Moisturizers

Despite the numerous body lotions available, dry skin continues to be a leading skin problem for consumers, as many technologies provide cosmetic benefits without addressing the underlying causes of the condition. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology recently published the results of two randomized, controlled studies evaluating the stratum corneum (skin barrier) integrity and skin hydration benefits of a variety of moisturizers containing various levels of oils/lipids (e.g., petrolatum and mineral oil), humectants (e.g., glycerin), as well as other ingredients (e.g., niacinamide). These studies found the two body moisturizers containing a niacinamide/glycerin formula, Olay® Advanced Healing Lotion and Olay Ultra Moisture Lotion, had significant advantages versus a number of competitive moisturizers in two key areas: improving skin barrier over time and rapidly hydrating skin.

The two niacinamide/glycerin moisturizers examined in these studies demonstrated an overall better solution towards rapid and prolonged improvement of dry skin due to their functional improvement of skin barrier function compared to no treatment and the other moisturizers tested. Based on this research, Olay Quench Advanced Healing Lotion is clinically proven to hydrate better than one of the moisturizing products from a leading dermatologist recommended brand.

“Because cosmetic skin dryness continues to be a leading skin problem for consumers, we wanted our research to focus on an ingredient formulation that would provide significant benefit to skin moisturization and barrier integrity,” said Rolanda Johnson, PhD, a senior scientist at P&G Beauty & Grooming and co-author of the study. “When formulated in combination with humectants, such as glycerin, a well-known water-soluble, hydroscopic lipid, the niacinamide-containing moisturizers tested in these studies, Olay Advanced Healing Lotion and Olay Ultra Moisture Lotion, break the dry skin cycle and help heal the moisture barrier.”

In the evaluation of the two clinical studies involving 126 participants, P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers found that the two niacinamide/glycerin formulas provided significantly less skin dryness and more skin hydration compared to the no treatment controls and all of the other moisturizers tested, except for the low glycerin formula, after one week of treatment. Further, after two and three weeks of treatment, both niacinamide/glycerin formulas continued to provide less skin dryness, more skin hydration and better skin integrity than the no treatment control and the heavy mineral oil formula in both studies. Five days after the final treatment, both niacinamide/glycerin formulas sustained clinically significant less skin dryness, more skin hydration and better skin integrity than the no treatment control and the heavy mineral oil formula in both studies (p ≤ 0.01).

When tested against one of the moisturizing products from a leading dermatologist recommended brand, Olay Advanced Healing Lotion was clinically proven to provide better moisturization. “These findings demonstrate that cosmetic moisturizers formulated with niacinamide go beyond moisturization to improve the integrity of the stratum corneum for improved skin benefits over time,” said Johnson. “Furthermore, the speed benefit seen with the niacinamide/glycerin formulas in both studies can be attributed to niacinamide, as it has been shown to be a cosmetic ingredient with multiple benefits on aging skin appearance. The sustained improvements in skin integrity after the final treatment also demonstrated niacinamide’s ability to work within the skin’s surface, even if the product is not being used.”

Research Methodology

The two 35-day double-blind and randomized clinical studies consisted of three phases: pre-treatment, treatment and regression. During the first week’s pre-treatment phase, participants (women 18 to 65-years-old) pre-conditioned their skin by using Olay bar soap in place of their usual products for bathing and showering.

During the treatment phase, a controlled amount of each assigned product was applied to the lower legs twice per day during the week and once per day during the weekends for 21 consecutive days. The eight products that were used included: niacinamide/glycerin formula #1, niacinamide/glycerin formula #2, glycerin/mineral oil formula, low glycerin formula, heavy glycerin/petrolatum formula, heavy petrolatum formula, heavy glycerin/mineral oil formula and heavy mineral oil formula.

Following the completion of the treatment phases, participants began a six day regression phase in which evaluations and procedures were performed on each site to assess product effectiveness and barrier integrity resulting from the application of the formulas. During the regression phase, no test products were applied to the sites.

To assess each formula’s effectiveness, visual dryness, skin hydration and stratum corneum barrier integrity were performed on each treatment site at baseline, week one, two and three of the treatment phase and day one and five of the regression phase. Visual dryness was assessed by a qualified skin grader using a 6-point scale while skin hydration was assessed by using the Corneometer® 825. Stratum corneum barrier integrity was assessed by transepidermal water loss (TEWL) using the DermaLab® Evaporimenter.

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