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Gillette Venus Launches New Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection and Asks Women to #SayPubic

May 18, 2021

Survey finds 82% of US women* use slang terms to refer to their pubic area, instead of using correct anatomical terms; Venus responds with a song about a pube released today

Venus is throwing out the outdated, censored, and sometimes downright silly terms for “bikini” or “down there” and encouraging women to #SayPubic with the launch of the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection.

Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection (Photo: Business Wire)

Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection (Photo: Business Wire)

Why #SayPubic? New survey findings* out from the brand find that almost half of US women* agree it feels more accurate to use anatomical terms, like pubic, but only 18% of US women* are actually using them. Women want to reclaim the narrative around the language and description of their bodies. While 54% of US women* agree that society has defined what is visually appealing when it comes to women’s pubic grooming, 56% wish there were more accurate descriptions and imagery in society of women grooming this area of their bodies.

To continue the conversation, the brand launched a new video on Instagram today that chronicles a day in the life of an undesirable pubic hair, just hoping to be recognized and treated like every other hair on your body, with care and confidence! With The Pube Song and new product launch on, Venus hopes to start a dialogue around normalizing correct anatomical language, like pubic, in an effort to destigmatize female pubic grooming. Because pubic is not a dirty word, and your pubic hair and skin deserves its own care.

The findings on pubic language are released as the brand launches its new Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection, which includes a razor, exfoliant, shave gel and serum, designed specifically to address the unique needs of the pubic area. The products can be used together as a regimen or individually to fit each woman’s needs, whether hair is there, gone, or growing. The collection continues the brand’s #MySkinMyWay commitment to celebrate all women and all skin, and help them feel comfortable in their skin by providing solutions to care for their grooming needs, whatever their preferences may be.

“With over two decades of research and scientific development in women’s hair and skin under our belt, literally, we know that grooming means something different to every woman,” says MyAnh Nghiem, Gillette Venus Communications Director. “Our new collection not only offers women more options for pubic grooming than we ever have before, but starts a new conversation about using language that accurately and respectfully represents the female body.”

According to Elizabeth Compo, Senior Product Research Scientist for Venus, “While many women don’t regularly talk about managing their pubic hair and skin, 84% of US women** choose to remove at least some of their pubic hair in some way. However, a staggering 87% of them** are dissatisfied with the results.”

“We’ve found that more women are dissatisfied with caring for the pubic area than anywhere else on the body, in fact, 56% of US women wish there were more accurate descriptions and imagery in society of women grooming their pubic area,” says Kristin Monaco, a Senior Product Research Engineer for Venus. “It’s not surprising. Pubic hair is coarse and the skin is delicate, so for many women it requires a different approach to help avoid shave bumps, ingrown hairs, redness, and itchiness.”


  • Skin Smoothing Exfoliant – For use prior to shaving or in-between hair removal days to smooth skin’s surface which can help prevent ingrown hairs. The gentle formula exfoliates the skin’s surface to help loosen and sweep away skin cells and oils that can trap hair.


  • 2-in-1 Cleanser Shave Gel – For use during the shave to provide a protective layer of glide. See-through formula lets you see what you are shaving and is 100% soap free. It can also be used as a daily skin and hair cleanser!


  • Razor for Pubic Hair & Skin – This razor is specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shaving irritation. Its patented Irritation Defense Bar allows blades to remove the hair while barely touching the skin. It includes an ergonomic handle with a sleek design and soft-touch grip for control while shaving.


  • Daily Soothing Serum – This daily moisturizer helps soothe skin and reduce itch due to dry skin, and contains a gentle exfoliant to help prevent trapped hairs between shaves. Why this vs. a body lotion? Regular body lotions are often scented and don’t exfoliate. Using it daily will help keep the skin smooth and conditioned.

More information about the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection can be found on The products can be purchased as a collection for $45 MSRP or individually for $14.99 MSRP at and most major retailers where you typically find your favorite Venus products.

*results from a 2021 survey of 250 US women conducted by Venus

**results from a 2019 survey of 291 US women conducted by P&G

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