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Gillette Reinvents Traditional Shave Club Models with Gillette® on Demand™ – Delivers Smoothest, Easiest Way to Get World Class Blades

Gillette improves industry’s approach through better value offers like every 4 th  subscription order free and new, category-first text-to-reorder service

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 10:30 am EDT



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"Ordering blades has never been easier than we’re making it today"

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gillette began receiving orders today through the company’s all-new online direct-to-consumer service, Gillette® On Demand . This new service offers the traditional subscription-only option and an additional flexible on-demand purchase option – with an industry-first re-order process that is as simple as sending a one-word text message1. The creation of this new service and its features is fueled by the understanding that accessibility, shopping experience, and value are every bit as important to men as quality and product innovation.

Extensive research with Gillette’s own shave club customers and among men broadly uncovered clear opportunities to improve the subscription-only approach: more flexible purchase options, easier ways to order, and enhanced value for Gillette’s high quality blades. A 2015 Nielsen Homescan study for example found that 41% of guys who decided to leave traditional shave clubs said they were getting more blades than they needed. That frustration is a thing of the past thanks to Gillette® On Demand ’s industry-first as-needed ordering option.

“Ordering blades has never been easier than we’re making it today,” said Mark Jeffreys, Brand Director, Gillette. “Gillette® On Demand ’s as-needed ordering capabilities and its convenient subscription options give guys smart choices, not trade-offs. This new service puts them in control without having to choose between convenience and flexibility, or between great quality and value.”

Knowing how important value is to men, the service will include a range of razor options at different price points so men can enjoy the high-quality shave they deserve at a price they’ll be pleasantly surprised by. Guys who choose to subscribe will benefit from the added value of receiving every 4th order free2 and all first-time customers will enjoy $3 off their first order.

Shave club customers also like simplicity and convenience. With Gillette® On Demand , guys have the added option to order only the blades they want, when and where they want them. With just a one-word text message (send BLADES to 252-337/BLADES1), On Demand customers will be able to trigger their next shipment – no back and forth with customer service, no entering of shipping or payment information.

Making Changes Guided by Guys

People appreciate options in life, and Gillette turned to men themselves to determine just which options matter most when they shop online. The company’s research led directly to the features and benefits of the new Gillette® On Demand :

  • Flexibility: Having a choice between buying as-needed or scheduled deliveries gives men the flexibility that many of them have asked for.
  • Ease of Ordering: The new Gillette® On Demand service lets guys quickly order and reorder blades on-demand using a new website, by email or with a one-word text message. This industry-first SMS reorder service allows guys registered for as-needed shipments to trigger their next delivery by texting “BLADES” to BLADES (252-337)1. It’s that simple.
  • Customization: For subscription orders, customers have the flexibility to fully customize a delivery schedule that meets their unique grooming style. Guys can opt to auto-set a delivery that arrives at any cadence they choose – and it can be changed or canceled at any time.

From Gillette’s Factory to Guys’ Bathrooms

Gillette® On Demand marks the company’s first direct-to-consumer service, delivering the company’s highest quality blades straight from Gillette facilities to men’s doorsteps in about 2-3 business days. But what makes a blade “the best” varies from guy to guy – that’s why Gillette On Demand makes a wide range of products available at price points men will be pleasantly surprised by.

  • Fusion® ProShield® - 4 cartridges for $18.45 (for first order including handle; $21.45 on subsequent orders) plus free shipping
  • MACH3® Turbo – 5 cartridges for $10 (for first order including handle; $13 on subsequent orders) plus free shipping
  • Sensor® 3 – 8 disposable razors for $8 (for first order; $11 on subsequent orders) plus $2 shipping

For first-time subscription customers taking advantage of both the $3 off and the 4th order free2 offers, these prices just get better. A first time customer receiving quarterly deliveries of MACH3® Turbo blades will save $16 within his first 4 orders of Gillette® On Demand (vs. 4 as-needed orders) and pay an average of $1.80 per razor cartridge.

To get more information and sign up for the new Gillette® On Demand™, visit

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1 Data and MSG rates may apply
2 Credit applies to every 4th subscription order and will equal the lowest of previous 3 subscription orders (incl. taxes).


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Amazing things can be set in motion with just the push of a finger. Gillette celebrates that today with a domino display triggered by just one finger, and specially designed to send the very first text message to reorder blades from the new Gillette® On Demand™ service. Gillette® On Demand™ is a fresh approach to the traditional online shave club, giving customers the option to choose between the convenience of a subscription or to order blades as-needed by text message. All with just the push of a finger. (Data and MSG rates may apply.) (Photo courtesy of Gillette® On Demand™)
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Men shouldn’t have to choose between great value and great quality. Unlike other clubs, Gillette On Demand offers guys Gillette’s best blades with a choice between traditional subscription services and as-needed ordering options. Gillette® On Demand™ also makes a wide range of products available, including Fusion® ProShield®, MACH3® Turbo, and Sensor® 3, all at price points men will “fall” for. (Photo courtesy of Gillette® On Demand™)
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Gillette celebrates the launch of Gillette® On Demand™. Men won’t have to choose between great value and great quality. Gillette On Demand is offering high-value trial incentives and loyalty rewards men will “fall” for, with subscribers receiving EVERY 4th order free. (Credits awarded for each unique subscription plan and value will be equal to the lowest of previous 3 subscription orders (incl. taxes).) (Photo courtesy of Gillette® On Demand™)
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