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New Old Spice Fresher Collection Has Guys Smelling Betterer and Manlier Than the Great Outdoors … and New Scientific Study Proves It

  • Three New Scents Inspired by Freshest Ingredients in Nature – Timber, Amber and Citron – Join Fiji and Denali from the Popular Fresh Collection.
  • Innerscope Research Conducts Nature Scent Study Putting Fresher Collection to the Test to Validate “Smell Better Than Nature” Claim.
Monday, January 26, 2015 9:30 am EST



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"Now, we have hard science that shows that the new scents of the Fresher Collection actually give guys that same great, relaxing feeling that they get from smelling nature."

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Old Spice brand from Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) today announces a new product lineup to its versatile collection of male grooming products, the Fresher Collection, harnessing nature’s power to help guys smell manlier and fresher than the great outdoors. Building on the success of the brand’s popular Fresh Collection and delivering what guys want most – fresh, clean scents with names that are easily recognizable – Old Spice introduces three new masculine scents inspired by the freshest ingredients in nature, each with descriptive names and scents that guys know and can place, Timber, Amber and Citron.

Influenced by studies proving the great outdoors and its fresh scents have the power to calm the mind and body, Old Spice partnered with leading neuroscience research firm Innerscope Research to put the new Fresher Collection to the test to see if its scents have the same powerful effect. The results show that Old Spice Fresher Collection has the transformational powers to take your brain to the great outdoors, eliciting a more positive response than smelling nature itself.

"We know that guys love the great outdoors and want scents that help them smell as clean and fresh as possible," said Dr. Susan Biehle-Hulette, Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble. "Now, we have hard science that shows that the new scents of the Fresher Collection actually give guys that same great, relaxing feeling that they get from smelling nature."

All five Fresher Collection scents are available in anti-perspirant/deodorant, deodorant, body wash and body spray. Timber and Fiji also are available in shampoo and bar soap.

Fresher Collection Scents – Newer. Fresher. Betterer:

  • Timber – Herbal base notes complemented by fresher scents of woody timber and leafy mint. For true lumberjacks, the scent of Timber is newer and fresher than forests and nobility.
  • Amber – A combination of oriental and gourmand base notes with hints of seaberry, amber and molasses. For true explorers, the captivating scent of Amber is newer and fresher than tree sap and danger.
  • Citron – Green base notes with an invigorating mixture of citrus, lemongrass and sandalwood finishing scents. For true captains, the scent of Citron is fresher than limes and life successes.
  • Fiji – Refreshing juniper and blood orange mixed with base notes of warm woods, amber, coconut and sweet musk. Fiji smells like palm trees, sunshine and freedom, marooning your body on a pristine tropical island and leaving you feeling fresher than coconuts and daydreams.
  • Denali – Fresh spices, rosemary and lavender mixed with base notes of creamy vanilla, rich amber and sandalwood. Denali smells like wilderness, open air and freedom, offering a snowy crisp scent worth the man and yak power required to climb the tallest of mountains.

BCD Technology - Old Spice’s Odor Fighting Donuts:

The new Fresher Collection lineup of nature-scented anti-perspirant/deodorants feature P&G’s odor fighting donut technology which releases bursts of fresh scent as sweat occurs and also traps any odor that may form. In more scientific terms, the Old Spice BCD technology features a cyclic molecule with a core that is preloaded with fragrance. As a guy sweats, fragrance is pushed out of the core releasing bursts of fresh scent.

"The Fresher Collection delivers scents inspired by nature and includes anti-perspirant/deodorant technology that keeps guys smelling mantastic all day long,” said John Sebastian, Old Spice Brand Director at Procter & Gamble. “Plus, with names like Timber, Amber and Citron, guys also know what they are getting – it sure beats rubbing tree bark under your armpits."

Old Spice Launches Nature Scent Study:

Researchers have been producing ground-breaking new evidence that even smelling nature scents can have the same calming effect on the body as enjoying the great outdoors in person. These studies inspired Old Spice to partner with Innerscope Research to see if the new nature-inspired scents of the Fresher Collection have the same powerful effects. Similar to the lie detector tests detectives employ or facial coding techniques used by intelligence agencies, Innerscope conducted a battery of tests on 100 males, aged 18 to 34 years old. The researchers were able to compare the emotional response of smelling Fresher Collection scents to those found in nature, as well as to blank and neutral scents. Respondents also rated the Fresher Collection scents in terms of their masculinity and their power to conjure images of nature.

Old Spice Nature Study Key Findings:

  • Smelling Old Spice Fresher Collection makes you feel as good as smelling nature. Smelling Fresher Collection’s new scents or nature scents makes people smile significantly more than smelling a neutral scent like dill or soap and guys like the Fresher Collection scents significantly more than neutral scents.
  • Smelling Old Spice Fresher Collection relaxes you as much as smelling nature. Fresher Collection’s new scents relax guys just as quickly and just as much as smelling nature.
  • The scents of Old Spice Fresher Collection are associated with masculine activities. Fresher Collection’s new scents are significantly more likely than neutral scents to make him think of masculine activities, such as chopping wood or rock climbing.

Learn more about the Old Spice Fresher Collection, the Fresher Collection’s anti-perspirant technology and the Old Spice Nature Scent Study from this exclusive video.

Fresher Collection products are available at retailers nationwide January 2015. For more information on Old Spice Fresher Collection, visit For more information on jet-powered chainsaws, fireworks, nachos and beards, visit Twitter (@OldSpice), Facebook (, YouTube (, Instagram (oldspice) and Tumblr (oldspice).

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